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We have three Sony DSR-PD170 television broadcasting quality cameras and two Sony DCR-DVD101 cameras. Operators of these cameras stay focused on the subject or subjects being filmed.

Video Mixer:
This device collects video from all cameras and the operator switches from camera to camera, (or scene to scene), at the most appropriate time, creating a very professional video.

We record video directly to computer or DVD recorder hard drive. We don't use the tapes or discs in the cameras. We have the cameras hooked to the inputs of the video mixer and the output of the video mixer is connected to the computer or DVD recorder. The sound portion of the video comes from the Yamaha AW4416 Audio Recorder. Like the cameras, it's output can be hooked to the video mixer or the DVD recorder. This makes for a much better quality sound. The video is then edited with video editing software, a master DVD is produced, then duplicated in the quantities desired by the customer, packaged, and there you have a finished product.

Audio Recorder:
Yamaha AW4416. Sixteen track digital audio recorder. We also have two Yamaha AW 2816 eight track recorders. They look just like the AW4416 except smaller. We use one of them as a mixer when we're performing live.

CD and DVD Duplicators:
We have two duplicators. Both are manufactured by Condre. One does CDs only. The other does both CDS and DVDs.

We use a Color Signature Pro by Primera to print directly onto the CDs and DVDs.

CD Insert Slitter:
We use two Martin Yale model CDS200 slitters for the inserts for the CDs and DVDs.

CD Jewel Case Wrapper:
Verity VS4000. Wraps and seals the
Polypropylene around the CD Jewel Case.


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